Things to go to college for

Eika Davis is a writer/tutor hailing from the lovely NYC. Her own life and college experiences inspire her to support others in the steps leading up to the exciting life of college. Passionate about empowering others through writing, Eika has developed her own blog and helped students in their own endeavors to become articulate and concise when writing. She hopes that her efforts can support future college students to make informed decisions about their academic career.

Becoming a freshman and starting a college career can be daunting. It is important to prioritize nurturing an academic career while developing a supportive network. Here are five pointers that can help make the first semester of college smooth and painless.
One: In the first week as a freshman, try to attend as many dorm activities and/or freshman activities put on by the campus. This will allow for getting to know your campus and dorm mates. Developing a group of supportive friends is incredibly important. It lessens the feeling of being completely alone on campus. Joining a club or sport also goes a long way to this end. Having a community to hang out with and grow in makes college life more bearable in the long run.
Two: Set up class hours that suit your own schedule. In college you can chose which classes you want to take and what time you would like to take them. Depending on your personality, you might favor working in the night or morning (basically, don’t schedule classes too late or early). Since there is no longer anyone to force you to keep a schedule, you will have to create your own and stick to it each semester.
Three: Treat your first week of classes as experiment time, and don’t be afraid to withdraw from classes with professors or subjects that will be problematic. The reason for this is, if you get stuck in a class you hate, you will drag your feet to every class and loath doing the homework and tests. No student needs that their freshman year, so save yourself the pressure and pain.
Four: Take a lighter course load your first semester. Even as an over achiever, taking it slow the first semester has its merits. Creating too much of a work load can make it easy to get bogged down and stressed out. A lighter class load allows you to get settled down, feel homesick, and make friends. If you can take on more classes in the next semester, knock yourself out!
Fifth: Think of a major as flexible. As probably one of the most important points to remember in your college career, you never know if you will love or hate a major until you take a couple of courses in it. Do not be afraid to change your major to something you realize you love. You are the only one that will be putting in the work! You will have a happier academic career. Also, having a major you love will allow you to focus simply on getting the best grades possible.
Developing a healthy academic and social life in college can be intimidating. However, prioritizing what is most important will allow for both friendships and classes to naturally fall into place. Remember that creating a stable social network and a healthy academic outlook could be the crucial stepping stone to your success. Using these five pointers, develop and create an academic life you will love!

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