Top Nail Trends

Most people can’t stand when their nails are not done. I personally feel incomplete, like I’m missing a piece of jewelry or my favorite lipstick color. Well done nails not only help you feel better about your appearance, they send an instant signal about who you are and that you take care of yourself just in their neatness and the ways you decorate them.

Below are some major nail trends for every college gal to enjoy to help you prep for every occasion and just everyday living. Ask a few friends over to your dorm and have a little party so you can enjoy a girls’ night in and help each other out!

Gel Nails
I recently just discovered (better late than never) the beauty of gel nails. As opposed to regular manicures, gel manicures last longer and saturate color super well. These days, they have a variety of options for you to choose from. During the summer or for long vacations, this is an especially good option to help withstand the beach, the sun, water and pretty much any activity you engage in. Gel manicures last, on average, about two weeks. When the bottom of your nail shows pretty conspicuously, that’s a good time to change out your polish. Gel manicures are a tad bit more expensive, but you will certainly get your money’s worth! Bonus: Drying time is literally five minutes!

Nail Stickers
If you have a specific theme party to attend or just want to do something different and quick wit your nails, try nail stickers. A number of beauty supply and even drug stores offer effective but low-cost options that will give you an endless variety of styles and looks to choose from all year long. They are safe and easy to apply, too!

Nail Embellishments
Nothing looks cooler than a 3D piece of art on your nails! You definitely don’t have to go to the salon to get the kind of sophisticated and fun looks they provide there. You can simply go to any beauty supply or drugstore to pick up fun decorations and just follow the easy instructions on the package. If you have two left hands (or two right hands), make it a fun afternoon and ask your roommate or a friend to help you. You can research hundreds of cool designs to pattern your DIY look after.

Funky Nail Patterns
With a little practice, you can create any number of amazing nail patterns that they have out there on the web. I’ve seen some really neat ones that take just a few different colors and a little skill to lay out a fabulous look. Some of my favorites: a sunset, geo designs, beachy scenes (yes, scenes!), ombre and more. Just look up a pattern you like or research “funky nail patterns” to find your favorite!

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