Top Tips for Wearing High Heels

Wow, those four-inch stilettos make your legs look a mile long, but does it feel like you’ve just ran a mile the second you put them on? Believe it or not, there are some things you can do to increase your comfort level while rocking the latest high-heeled look.
1) Wear them around the house before your big night out
Truth be told, “breaking in” a pair of shoes can be uncomfortable. So go through this process before your night out. Shuffle around your house or apartment. But definitely wear them out of the house at least once. You don’t want any big surprises. Be sure and scuff up the bottom of the shoes a little bit to increase traction and keep you steady.
2) Be strong
Strength training, lifting weights and good old running are all excellent exercises that will increase your flexibility and balance. If you can rise up on the balls of your feet and hold it for a few seconds, you’re headed in the right direction. Be sure you activate your core muscles. That’s where balance is centered.
3) Stand up straight
Related to being strong, straightening up and improving your posture will also help you remain steady on your feet the whole night. Focus on lowering your shoulder, squaring them off, activating your core and taking firm, steady steps. You’ll be a graceful ballerina (in high heels!) in no time.
4) Add cushions and inserts
There are lots of products on the market that claim to ease discomfort while wearing perilously high heels (or any uncomfortable shoe). They come in the form of cushions, inserts, and strips. Give these babies a test drive as well, so you’re all set for dancing in style and comfort.

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