Dating questions

As if first dates aren’t awkward enough, the last thing you want to do is avoid some awkward topics on the date. Here are a few things to stay away from, at least for the first few dates.

Don’t talk about religion. This is, of course, one of the most important topics you will discuss. However, it is not really something you should talk about on a first date. If this is something that is really important to you, find out what their religion or beliefs are before the date or look for signs in the conversation to figure it out. Try not to bring it up on the first night out though because it will possibly lead to an argument or a debate, rather than a nice dinner.

Don’t talk about money. It isn’t a turn-on to brag about how much money you have. If you want to show that you have money for some reason, buy a bottle of champagne or order your date a fancy dessert. It is also not a good thing to moan about how broke you are or that you are struggling financially. Just stay away from talking about anything related to finances and you should be good!

It’s okay to answer questions about yourself when asked or to share a few details you think they may find interesting or humorous, but making the entire date conversation about you is not okay. The world does not revolve around you and neither should the date. Try to take the conversation away from you and focus on your date. Ask them questions to let them know you are interested in getting to know them as a person, rather than forcing them to hear you talk about yourself the entire time.

If you avoid talking about religion, money, and yourself on your first date, you will avoid some awkward moments, and your date will be more enjoyable for both of you.

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