Tough College Issues

College throws a lot of challenges at you pretty much from the get-go. Going from a sheltered high school kid who doesn’t have that many choices in life and the protection of the home environment, to an independent college adult can be startling. These are good life changes, but good changes usually mean a lot of hard work to get through them. Here are some tough college issues that you might be facing and how to deal with them.

Lack of Sleep

Maybe you are unlucky and ended up in the party dorm, or have a loud roommate, or your mind just can’t rest. Lack of sleep can really affect all aspects of your life, from concentration, to mood shifts, to all sorts of nasty things. If it’s noise that is an issue, get earplugs. If it’s your roommate, talk to her. Also try cutting caffeine and alcohol for a few days to see if that helps. If all that fails, go to your campus health center and talk to a professional to see what can be done.


There are going to be times in college when you question if you can pull this whole thing off. The workload, the financial responsibilities, and the fear that maybe you made a wrong choice. All these things can lead to an amount of stress you’ve never faced before. Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced world and your personal drive to succeed means that you will probably have some level of stress in your life. Now is a good time to learn how you should deal with it. Different techniques work for different people, but exercise, yoga, talking it through with someone who understands, and meditation can do wonders. Also, take time to evaluate your life. Is something stressing you out that you can actually cut out?

Career Issues

At some point while you are taking a class you are not thrilled about, you are going to question if you picked the right major. Or you are going to wonder if you really will get a job when you graduate. Or you will have a hard time understanding how your major will translate into the real world. The best thing you can do is visit your career center and start finding answers to all these questions. Your major will be a broad overview of a subject; it will not cover niche jobs that might pay amazingly well, be in high demand, and be really cool. Don’t sit around and question yourself, get some answers.


Your relationships with your friends, family, and boyfriend will change as you change. This can be a rocky time for you and everyone around you. All of you will have to adjust to one another in a new way. You will be faced with resistance. Make sure you work just as hard on your relationships as you do your course load.

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