Transition from Campus Life to Nightlife

By Alexis Coats

Getting dressed for school can be as hard as studying for a midterm sometimes. You stay up all night deciding on what’s best and what’s not, you stress over making sure you’ve made the right decision, and you get up the next morning still not sure about yourself. Yup, getting dressed for class and campus life can be a never ending struggle and to be honest one that is really not worth it. College life is hard enough already and you should be focusing more on your grades rather than what the fashion police think. But let’s be honest and not go overboard here in saying that fashion doesn’t matter, because we all know it does! Your appearance says a lot about you as a person so being able to fully express yourself through dress can be beneficial in the long run.

To make your life a little stressful however you can create looks for school that transition easily into other areas of your life, such as going out! It can be hard rushing out of class and heading back to your place to work on homework until 9 pm. Then all of a sudden you get a text from your friend saying they are coming to pick you up in ten minutes to go out. You still have on your clothes from walking around on campus, and although you look cute you know you’re nowhere near ready for a night out.

Instead of panicking here are some quick easy steps you can follow to get you ready in 10 minutes or less for a night out!
1) Start by adding a dark eyeliner on your top lash line and smear it out for a smoky look, then add a warm sparkling shade across your lid for some drama and shine
2) Now vamp it up some more with a dark brown shadow in the crease and top it off with a few coats of black mascara on top lashes only.
3) Finish your night makeup look with a nice lip-gloss that suits your skin tone best and lightly touch up foundation from the day time but do not reapply only touch up!
4) For your look throw on a nice pair of open toe heels with those jeans you’re wearing and add a leather motto jacket over whatever top you may have on from the day.
5) If you want to just quickly switch up your whole look for the spring and summer months a great option is a romper. It can easily be made nighttime ready with ankle booties and layered jewelry.
6) Or quickly slip on the perfect little night time dress that hugs your body in all the right places and makes you feel like all eyes will be on you! Throw on your best heels of course.
7) Don’t forget to transfer your wallet, lip-gloss, blotting powder and touch up spray for your night on the town! Also packing flats that are foldable into your night time clutch bag will save your tired feet once the night is over.

There you go! A quick and easy way to transition yourself from college book queen to fashion night star in just a few minutes. Who said fashion has to be stressful? With these tips and pointers your college life will be smooth sailing from here on out, well at least in the fashion department the rest is up to you!​​

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