Travel exchange: Love it, or leave it?

He’s your first love-but dammit, it’s real. You’re probably going to get married. Your sure of it. You picked out the names of your kids and joke about life as a saucy old couple. He knows you want a round cut diamond . You know your future dog’s gender and breed. Then, suddenly, there you are 10 years later, 10 guys later. And you look back wondering…why didn’t I go to France that summer when I had the chance?

Nothing ruins life in your 20’s more than trying to have everything figured out. It’s a hot mess- a time when basically, you are free to do anything you want. Unfortunately, so many people get caught up in impassioned romances only to make sacrafices they are too young to make.

Studying exchange for example, is a huge game changer that people forgo for their significant other. Students leave as sheltered lambs with no consequential perception of the world, and come out inspired, multicultural firecrackers. I’ve never met a traveler who didn’t say it was the best thing they’d ever done.

The thing is, some people actually do meet the love of their life sitting in 9th grade Algebra. But regardless, they should not get in the way of you following your souls guidence. Bored with your city? Move. Want to spend a year in Peru and learn Spanish? Seize the day because when you break up in 2 years it might be too late.

True love, when it’s real, can take over everything. It feels like the only important thing in your life, the only thing worth fighting for. Inspiring, reckless, incredible love. And pop culture does nothing to contradict this perspective. But what most college students don’t understand is, love changes, and so do you.

It’s so easy to get swept up in “ours”, “us”, and “forever”. But remember that at the end of the day, it’s your life to live, and the biggest regrets in life are the things we never did.

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