True to Size

By Amelia Rapier

I have always found my personal style to be just that, personal. I dress for my mood, never for the weather. With that being said, do not think that I do not acknowledge the weather, I just choose not to let it dictate what my style choices may be. That means that I do partake in wearing boots in the summer and shorts in the winter are simply fine as long as you know how to layer. You do know how to layer, right? Nonetheless, this is about me and not about you, just as your personal style should be about you and never about someone else.
My family has never understood my unique sense of being. I love funky hair colors, I dig searching and finding hidden gems within the thrift stores, I don’t mind looking grungy if my mood persuades me to do so, and I did that color blocking thing before there was a term for it. I set trends of my own and I do not follow the ones that were made. Why can’t you wear white after Labor Day? Oh, you don’t mix patterns? There are enough actual laws that we have to abide by but there are no true laws in fashion. Fashion is merely an art form, a visual way to express yourself. Fashion does not call for you to tell the world who you are because it speaks for you. Take this for an example, when you have an interview, you dress up. Why? The way that you dress for an interview speaks to the employer. A proper interview outfit says, “I am a professional and I am also responsible.” I believe the appropriate outfit will say these things because every employer knows that this is probably not your day to day attire, but when the time comes, you know when to clean yourself up and present yourself in a polished manner. Good for you!
Now that I have described what I believe fashion means to each individual; I can tell you what it means to me. When I want to be cute, but comfortable, I adore grunge attire. Grunge attire for me would consist of a t-shirt that is not too baggy, but also not form fitting. Pairing a loose tee or shirt with leggings and combat boots is totally my thing. I am dressed but I am comfy. If I decide to look a little more polished than I can always further accessorize by adding oversized bangles and rings. For a date night, I would opt for a more chic look. This can include a nice t-shirt paired with a blazer. Sometimes I might even throw on a skirt or a dress, but that is a very rare occasion! Along with my t-shirt and blazer would be a very nice pair of jeans or fitted pants and a pair of booties. Boots and booties are staple items of mine and I prefer them over stilettos or sneaks any day.
Whatever style you are comfortable with, stick with that and own it. I am not against trying new things if you choose to do so, I am against trying things because you feel pressured to. Life brings a lot of pressure and stress to all but your personal style does not have to fall into one of those categories. Your personal style should be fun and fit for you, not a one size fits all, because those pieces are never true to size anyway.

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