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This might be surprising, but there is no single definition of what it means to be a wedding planner. Part of the reason for this is that weddings come in all shapes and sizes—some are big, and some are small; some are traditional, and some are modern; some couples need help with every step along the way, while other couples choose to do the majority of the planning themselves, but still need help with design or coordination. While some wedding planners provide services that run the complete gamut, others have chosen to specialize in one particular aspect of the planning. This post reviews the major types of wedding planners and wedding planning services.

Full-Service Wedding Planning

This is probably the type of wedding planning with which you are most familiar. Full-service planners organize weddings from start to finish, from helping couples define their vision to booking venues, hiring vendors, coordinating transportation, managing the guest list, and more. These people have usually gone through a professional training program, have the most experience, and are the absolute experts when it comes to making their clients’ dreams come true. They can also charge the highest fees.

Wedding Consulting

A wedding consultant, sometimes called a wedding coordinator, acts as more of a coach or a guide for couples who want to do most of their own planning, but need some help along the way. A consultant helps the couple connect with vendors and may also manage the wedding day schedule. These services may also be provided by full wedding planners as a partial services or partial planning package.

Wedding Design

Many couples have a creative vision in mind for their wedding—they have a theme and an overall picture of what they want their special day to look like. On the other hand, there are some couples for whom design and creativity isn’t really their strong suit. Wedding designers help these couples create a vision, though they may or may not participate in the actual planning and organization.

Day-Of Planning

Even for couples that handle all of the advance planning and organization on their own, the wedding day itself can be pretty intense. Day-of planners don’t make the actual arrangements, but they are on hand on the wedding day to coordinate the schedule, liaise with vendors, and so on.

Referrals-Only Planning

Referrals-only planners don’t plan weddings per se; instead, they recommend vendors (like caterers and florists) to couples planning their own wedding. One main difference between this type of service and the others is that referrals-only planners are paid a referral fee by the vendors they recommend, rather than by the couples themselves.

Some wedding planners provide all of these services, while others specialize in only one. As you choose a training program and plan your career path, keep in mind the types of services you are interested in providing.


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