Undecided major? Not a problem!

By Stacia Jacobs

For my bio, I’m currently a college student at Mesa Community College working toward my associates in computer science. Once I get my associates I plan on transferring to a four year college to get my bachelor’s. Previously I was a Journalism major at Clark Atlanta University. Once I finish school I plan on going into market research!

“You will have worked in seven different professions within your lifetime.”

This is what my journalism professor opened with on my first day of class. Discussing the fact that as freshmen we assume that we have it all planned out. As journalist students we all arrived just knowing that we would be journalists, radio personalities, tv hosts, disk jockeys, or tv/ film directors. But the truth is that starting off as newly young adults in college we will grow and change within the four or more years we dedicate to our education.

I must say that I’m living proof of constant growth and change throughout college. I admit I’ve changed my major more than I can count on one hand. From communications, chemistry, marketing, public relations, finance, business, fashion, engineering, and finally computer science. Yes it is very possible to not only change professions, but also change majors leading up to your future career.

Graduating from high school knowing that you want to continue your education is great and if your not sure what to major in that is ok too. Realistically at most colleges and universities you’ll spend your first two years taking general classes like English, science, history and so on. Majoring undecided or in general arts or in general science is perfect because within two years you’ll have ample time to narrow down your major to something specific. The beauty about college is that your finally independent, away from your parents, friends, and influence of high school. Basically your free to take advantage of endless opportunities and truly find your niche in the world.

College is not only about getting good grades or having the best major or just attempting to make six figures right out of school. Trust me when I say do not follow the trends that you hear out there. Yes we all know that there are great jobs and job security for those who major in one of the STEM programs, but let’s face it we’re not all natural born mathematicians or scientists. On the other hand if your curious about a STEM program or anything other programs then by all means research your opportunities. In my experience I had an interest in majoring in a STEM program since I really enjoy math, so I had researched my options and took a few different classes. Finally I was able to narrow down that I really enjoyed computer science. While in school do not try to base your major solely off of what everyone else is doing or family pressure. Participate in extracurricular activities, volunteer, intern, get to know yourself, and find what you love.

Overall the moral of all this madness we call college is not too become overwhelmed in deciding on the best major right out of high school. Instead appreciate all the different experiences you have, explore your options, and of course have fun! Change is apart of life, change will allow you to evolve into the person you’ve always envisioned. Your major will not prevent you from being successful, nor will it put you in a box when it comes to your future career options. Be open minded, gain amazing experiences, and with all that you will learn about yourself. Ultimately proving to your future employer that you not only have a degree, but unique experience to back it all up!

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