Understanding Fashion

Camille Griswold

I recently graduated from The University of Rhode Island with a BS in Textile Fashion Merchandising and Design. I currently work as an allocation analyst determining where to send the merchandise. My goal is to become a merchandise planner and work on store layouts. I am in process of starting my master’s degree in Business. My hobbies are snowboarding and outdoor activities.

It’s not easy keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Within the past few years I have started to really grow with my wardrobe and have been coming up with a lot of great outfits using clothes I already owned. I like to explain to people that there are different occasions for every piece of clothing you own. You wouldn’t wear the same pair of jeans running weekend errands as you would when you go out on a Friday night. This motto applies to shoes, accessories, and bags as well. The best part about fashion is that it’s personal and a way to express you, and for that reason I have been focusing less on being the most up to date and instead dressing how I like to. I do still enjoy reading fashion magazines, watching fashion TV shows, and following fashion icons on Instagram to see what’s going on in the world. Most recently I have been focused on Pantone’s color of the year, Marsala (maroon). I feel that any shape or texture of clothing can work as long as the color scheme is on point. Along with that color is a great way to show your personality. Every person has a color that looks best on their skin tone, mine is deep purple. When getting dressed I build my outfits from the feet up and accessorize last. I am obsessed with shoes, boots most specifically, but I like mostly all of them. As long as my feet are happy, I am happy. Shoes are a necessary part of every outfit, and when you find a shoe that can be paired with a lot of your everyday outfit’s it’s a wonderful feeling. Not all people are as passionate about getting dressed as I am, but being able to change what people think about me simply by changing how I dress is very powerful. There are endless options to try and no person will ever wear exactly what you’re wearing (unless they have copied your style). As I grow each year my style grows with me. The transition from college to office life has been a challenge, but I have slowly become more comfortable with it. I like to continually change my style so I don’t get bored, also I enjoy that people tell me my style is unique. As a child I wore uniforms to school which took away my individuality, so as an adult I have fought to bring it back. Knowing what works with your body type and skin color is a huge help. Staple outfits are what keep me going. Whenever I struggle to get dressed I find one of those outfits I know will already work and throw it on. My personal staple outfits include the colors black, brown, white, dark purple, and most other neutral colors. I enjoy layering, and know it looks good on my body. Once you understand your body and personal style getting dressed and loving what you wear is simple.

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