United States Education System—A treat for every student

Hello Everyone, My name is Mirza Bahadur and I am a recent graduate from University of Tennessee Chattanooga with a graduate degree in Engineering Management. I also have a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from India. To tell everyone a little bit about myself — I have lived in United States for close to 5 years now and have worked on a few projects as a project engineer and enjoy working on huge challenging projects. I am very passionate about subjects related with project management, leadership, psychology and people management etc. In my leisure time I enjoy reading books, playing pool and adventuring anything new in life.
Today I would like to share my experience I had as a student in United States and how that has transformed and changed my personality for better. It has truly developed my skills set and overall personality which is required to be successful in any career. Initially when I started my school I was very scared and would study very hard as I did back in India get good grades. Later in the process I got a better understand of the academic structure which the university has, which primarily focus on overall improvement of an individual altogether and not just only book knowledge. It helped me develop more on skills set such as 1) knowledge 2) Your participation, 3) your team-work abilities and 4) your projects which are sometimes individual or in a group 5) Presentation skills,6) Communication skills and 7) overall approach is more practical which emphases towards learning . After a couple of semesters I found this structure helpful for me as I was gaining knowledge and also developing all other important skills as well. I improved a lot in my communication, presentation, and leadership skills required for you to work in teams. I found this very unique and beneficial which I couldn’t get back in India where more emphasis is given on book knowledge than practical skills.
I would like to also share thoughts of some of my professors who had more than 40 years of experience in teaching students said — the most important aspect of education is “learning” which is very important being a student. He said never to focus primarily on grades and mainly focus on your overall development and skills you are acquiring in the time period you are present in the university. I did my final capstone project with the Assistant Dean of the UTC who was the most senior professor in Engineering Management department. He had given me hard time throughout my entire capstone project and asked me to improve on my research and thesis. He was the worst professor he could be — only to make sure I performed to the best of my ability and learn all the concepts of writing and presentation. Later when I was presenting my project I was the best among my entire fellow students and everyone were really amazed at my presentation. After I graduated I realized I have changed a lot in my approach and I am now a better skilled person who has been trained and educated professionally to be successful in my career.
My advice to all the students is you have a great opportunity to learn with this great education system in America and be successful in any major you desire and accomplish your goals.

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