Use Social Media to Show Your Portfolio

Whether you are just breaking into the beauty industry or you are a long time expert, social media is an amazing tool to show off your portfolio.
What is the Competition Doing?

Before you start photographing your work, click through pinterest and blogs to see what others are doing. You’ll get an idea of the standards you need to match to look professional. You’ll also be able to find a style you like and mimic the online presentation.

Understand the Basics of Photography

You might have natural artist skills that easily convert into amazing manicure designs, or you’ve put your hours into schooling and can create beautiful hair. However that doesn’t help your social media portfolio if you cannot take a decent picture of it.

Before you take the photo, look through the camera and work on the angle. Is there a crummy background? Does it look better if you zoom in or out? How about draping a black bed sheet for contrast?
If you are taking a photo of a person, take a full body shot. Do not take a photo from just the knees up, it’s awkward. If you want to take a photo of someone with makeup or hair that you did, include the shoulders of your model, not just the head. If you are taking a headshot, take multiple photos in quick succession. This is a good way to get the model to relax.

Try to take photos with natural lighting. A flash can be too harsh.

Take the Time to Upload Everything Beautifully
Figuring out how to navigate each different technology that social media sites offer can be time consuming and frustrating. Understand that going in and make sure you give yourself plenty of time. You will be spending hours on this project and that’s okay. This is all about presentation, and good presentation takes time and care.

Going Beyond Photography
A portfolio of your work isn’t limited to just photography. YouTube is all about videos. Can you create a great how-to? What about writing? If you have a natural talent to write, what about a blog that goes into details about how to do something? This is a great way to not only start your portfolio of work, but also to show off your personality. Since the beauty industry will have you working directly with people, your personality is a big factor into your career whether you are directly doing the service or if you aim to become a teacher one day.

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