Valuable Tips for College Women

College is a new and exciting world and that’s fun, however there is so much to be aware of. Here is a quick list to help you figure a few things out.

Call Your Parents
Yes you are getting your first taste of freedom in 18 years, but be nice and call the folks once a week. You have a cell phone and a quick hi makes them so happy. They are as eager and anxious about your new experience as you are. Also, these are the people who love you unconditionally, a situation you are old enough by now to truly appreciate.

Don’t Date Someone on Your Floor
College is a great time for dating and discovering the personality traits in a future partner that you truly value. This means that dating is usually more casual than you might be used to in high school as people discover what they actually want. People will come and go in your life faster than you’ve ever experienced and that’s okay, it’s part of life. However, dating and dumping a person on your floor can make things really awkward, especially if that person glowers at you every time you pass each other, or worse, starts spreading false rumors. On the flip side, getting dumped by someone on your floor might make you want to hide every time you see that person. You don’t need that kind of stress where you live. There are plenty of fish on your college campus, go look elsewhere.

Hang Out with Over-Achievers
College is expensive and you are there to accomplish something; graduation! Getting there is a long four years of hard work. Make your life easier by picking out the over-achievers in each of your classes and forming study groups with them. They will have awesome notes for you to compare yours with, they’ll have great insights on the lecture when you discuss it among yourselves, and they won’t flake on group projects and leave you with all the work. Sounds like a good deal.

Don’t Rush a Sorority Until You Know Yourself
Sororities can truly be great institutions of sisterhood. However they are a powerful force. The definition of this group is as follows, “a group of people joined by similar backgrounds, occupations, interests, or tastes.” How in the world are you supposed to choose a sorority if you don’t yet know your interests or tastes yet? College is the perfect field to discover yourself. Don’t rush a sorority and join just because they accepted you. The interview process goes both ways. You have to like and feel comfortable with this group of women before you make your decision.

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