Venture Out

Brittany G Williams is a recent Graduate of Georgia Southern University and studied Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design with a concentration in Design and Marketing. She recently moved out to California from Georgia to start a fashion design internship with The Hodges Collection in Huntington Beach, CA. She is now working for Avery dennison as an Account Specialist in Retail Branding for brands like Forever 21, GUESS, True Religion and Buckle in downtown LA. He career goals are to one day have a successful contemporary women’s ready to wear fashion line based online. For right now Brittany plans on learning more about the industry and perfecting her craft as a fashion designer.

I know a lot of you are at that point of matriculation or as my 12th grade math teacher would say “the beginning of the end” and I’m sure A LOT of you are wondering what happens now? Well if you have yet to find that mandatory Internship for academic credit All I have to say is two words….VENTURE OUT!

For my girls and guys from a small city that really want to begin their career in a different place with a large fashion base you need to take a leap of faith and go after you dream. I know you may be asking “I don’t have the money” or “I don’t want to leave my family” but take it from me, if you want something bad enough you will make sacrifices and see it as an opportunity to possibly be able to face your fears and here’s why…

I consider myself to be just a small town girl with big dreams and a HUGE amount of faith; and let me just say that I’m not trying to push any religious beliefs on any of you but It is what helped me personally make the move all the way from Savannah, GA to Southern California in July of 2014. With that being said here are a few tips for those of you who want to follow a similar path after College.

• Figure out where exactly you want to be before graduation: This is especially true if you plan on going somewhere pretty far from home.
• Once you know where you want to go start putting in a TON of applications! Trust me you will get a lot of feedback from companies because of it. Make sure that your portfolio is SOLID and most importantly make sure that you have a well-written resume and get a professor to look over it! 
• GET YOUR FUNDS IN ORDER! I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and I’m sure some of you probably have a similar story so with that being said I had to take out loans, SAVE and borrow what I could in order to secure the appropriate funds needed in order for me to move. Sometimes we have to risk making an investment in order to start our careers.
• Start looking for housing: It took me about a month and a half to find a place with in my budget but trust me you will find a place in due time even if you have to stay in a hotel once you land in your dream location until you do.
• Transportation??? I personally chose to have my car shipped and to California so that I would not have to make that long drive by myself, however depending on where you are going you may not even need a car.
• Stay focused:: Try not to let people and the idea of wanting to explore a new city get in the way of you priorities. Your job is to not only excel and learn while interning but it is to also to try and get better at your craft. There is always more to learn and not to mention you should always want to get to the point of where you consider yourself to be the best in your field!

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