Volunteer work

Volunteer work is a great way to put some energy into something other than yourself. It is also a great way to give back to the community which supports your college life. Volunteering will also help you focus on life outside of the seemingly endless cycle of attending class, studying, and partying. As you give back and help others, you will gain perspective, your own personal troubles will seem less insurmountable. Most people find volunteering can give them a natural high and feeling of wellbeing.

For great volunteering ideas, visit your student services office or keep an eye out for billboards which might advertise opportunities. There are also often student clubs which will sponsor a charity. You can join and make friends as well as giving back to the community. Here are some great volunteering opportunities you might consider:

Grant writing: hone your writing skills and gain knowledge of the grant writing business. You can write grants for any number of organizations, from university projects, to grants for programs at your local women’s shelter.

Volunteer at the homeless shelter. Serve food to those who are less fortunate

Consider spending a summer away, helping tutor children in another country or help them improve their standard of living through building of clean water systems or teaching them low-cost farming methods.

If your affinity runs more toward the fuzzy or fury, consider volunteering at the local animal shelter. There a loads of lovely animals abandoned each year. They all need love and care and someone to advocate for them and find them new, loving homes.

Whatever you charity you choose, volunteering is a great way to develop your character, add to your resume, and give back to a community which supports your college life.

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