Wardrobe Tips for the Stylish College Student

Campus can be like an everyday fashion show, with students parading around in their casual but best personal looks. It’s inspiring at best and intimidating at worst. With limited closet space, it can seem as if you have reduced your wardrobe options to near nothing. However, with some wardrobe basics and just a little creativity, you will find it’s a lot easier to look great and to spend less time figuring out what to wear.

Instead of basic denim or khaki shorts, go for something with versatility but a little more pizazz. You can find simple cotton shorts at stores that come in a variety of prints, colors and textures. I always have one bright basic short to change up my wardrobe and then a dressier pair of silky, non-wrinkle ones to wear with heels or wedges at night. Same goes for pants. Jeans are great, but I have found I hardly wear them with the variety of great styles available. Try a light-gray harem pant or jeans in a different color. For skirts, it’s important to have different lengths: one mini, one pencil and one maxi.

For tops, opt for basic button downs that you can layer under sweaters, over tanks – or over each other! Slim-fit tees give you more variety as you can layer them or wear them alone and dress up with statement jewelry and a nice skirt or pants. Another great option are longer tunic sweaters. Layer them over leggings or, if thin enough, tuck them into fun flare skirts for a mood-lifting outfit with bounce.

Shoes are pretty important, but don’t go overboard! Variety is important in order to change up your shoe and not wear any one pair out. A flat pair of sandals with a strong strap are dressier than regular flip-flops and can transition to night as well. Choose a look that has a little more panache, like one with beading, metallic color or an intricately weaving strap. Flats go the same way. Have one neutral pair in taupe or gray and a fun pair to add a pop of color to plain outfits. Bright, almost neon yellow, is a favorite of mine to do just that. Sneakers come in so many styles these days, I wish I had the variety when I was in school! Again, a neutral pair is great for any look while a pair of brighter kicks will surprisingly extend your wardrobe and looks significantly. Make sure all of your shoes are comfortable enough to last all day. Wedges are great if you need to look presentable but be sure you have a comfortable pair of flip-flops or flats with you just in case.

Putting it all together can be tricky, but just get creative! One of my favorite things to do each season is to put together a simple album of my top twenty outfits for the season. These are my go-to looks that I have pre-planned so I never run out of options – or can find one in a hurry. Taking a little time each semester before the next season starts (say, a few hours on the weekend) to prepare for the entire period will help make getting dressed not only easier but also more fun.

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