Warm Weather Skin Problems and How to Cure Them

Ah…spring. The warmer weather is here and it’s time to head outside. It’s a great time to be active. But what happens when the soaring temps cause annoying skin problems? Here’s some warm weather skin problems and how to combat them.
• You’re breaking out from all that sunscreen
Cure: Switch to a more sheer, lighter formula sunscreen (without skimping on the SPF) and be super diligent about face-washing at the end of the day. But remember, increased sun exposure means increased sensitivity for a lot of us. Choose a gentle, creamy cleanser to safely remove the excess sunscreen.
• You’re peeling from a sunburn
Cure: Find an extremely gentle abrasive facial cleanser and rub lightly until the peeling skin is buffed away. You may want to try patting a facial oil on to the peeling patches to avoid it drying out again later. You can safely apply a silicone-based foundation or primer on top for coverage.
• Your workouts are causing acne
Cure: First, switch up your work-out clothes. Opt for t-backed tank tops and sports bra and have a few differently-styled cuts so you’re not always sweating in the same area. Second, switch up your work outs. Try swimming or rowing. Third, be consistent with a salicylic-acid body cleanser after every work out.
• Your covered in itchy mosquito bites
Cure: Try not to scratch. If you break the skin, bacteria is more likely to get in and cause an infection, which can lead to scarring. Apply ice to reduce any swelling and then an anti-itch, calming spot treatment. Future Cure: Wear insect repellant.
• You’re sunburnt
Cure: Unfortunately, there is no cure. Keeping your burnt skin moist is the key to avoid peeling, so continually hydrate your skin. Depending on the severity of the burn, you may want to use a lotion with a pain-relieving ingredient.

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