Warning signs when dating

By Amanda Reese

It’s healthy to get be out there in the dating world. You never know whom you could get matched up with. But before you start planning what dress you will be wearing down the isle, make sure none of these red flags pop up.

1. He has wondering eyes. Does it seem like you are always catching him just looking away from something? Chances are he was. If you continue to catch him eyeing everything around the room, or even worse, flirting in front of you, you need to throw that fish back in the sea. If he’s wandering with his eye now, there is no telling what he will wander with later.
2. He is moving too fast. Is it only the third date and you are meeting his family and friends? Is he telling them how special you are to him? Put on your running shoes and move just as fast out the door. There could be a number of reasons he’s moving fast. He could be trying to get to a certain base or he is just in love with the idea of being in love. Maybe he’s catch slack for being at a certain age and not having found the one yet. What ever it is, it is not good for you.
3. He has a reputation. This is the most commonly ignored flag and for good reason. Most women ignore this warning because they think they could be the one to change him. That may be true, but the time you waste trying to change him, you could be enjoying your life elsewhere. Don’t set your self up for failure when you come across this type of guy. Listen to the warnings, especially if they are coming from your friends.
4. He never asks how was your day. This is the guy who is just looking for a trophy wife. While that can be a flattering compliment about your looks, it also means he does not really value your worth. If he does not care about how your day went, he probable does not care how you are feeling. He discusses his day because your day was not as important as his day.
5. He always mentions how much something cost. This is the guy that is all into his possessions. Be careful because you could be come one of them. He will try to control and manipulate the relationship with money, especially if he is a considerably successful man. These are the type of guys who love control and finds it threatening if anyone appears to have the slightest bit of it, too. While it may be fun at first to get wined and dined while receiving extravagant gifts, soon you maybe looking to give them all back if it means your freedom.

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