Ways to Stay Healthy this Summer

Hi guys! My name is Amanda Zambito, and I am a rising junior at NYU. I am a double major in Journalism and Psychology. I have always had a passion for writing, which came from a love for inspiring others with the words that I write. Psychology fuels my love for understanding and relating to people. After graduating, I hope to work as a broadcast journalist for a major news station like ABC or CNN, or as a writer for a top magazine. Thanks for tuning in, and I hope you enjoy the articles I will be writing for Admitopia!

Winter is a time of loose-hanging sweaters and big jackets—the ideal tools to hide those extra pounds many of us tend to gain around the holiday season. Then, when summer strikes, a transition happens. When people realize they can’t quite fit into those jean shorts from last year, they experience a heightened awareness about their appearance. Don’t panic—the all-too-common “summer crisis” of an undesirable appearance is easily fixable. Just follow some of the tips below and you will be on your way to the summer body of your dreams.


  1. Exercise. Winter is plagued by dormancy. We evade the cold weather through indoor activities like watching movies and browsing the Internet. Switch up your routine during the summer and add some exercise to your regimen. This can include joining a local gym, running and biking outdoors, or finding free and low-cost yoga or Pilates in your local area. Exercise doesn’t have to be a solo deal, either. Get fit with friends by playing Frisbee, tennis, volleyball, etc. in your local park.
  2. Eating healthy. Stock up on fruits and vegetables from your local super- or farmers market. Fruits like melons, blueberries, and mangos are in-season during summer months. Eating watermelons is a great way to stay cool and hydrated. Beets, peppers, and avocados are a few summer vegetables to look out for.
  3. Juicing. A popular trend at the moment is juicing. Juicing is when fruits and vegetables are put through a machine that extracts the liquid out of these foods—discarding the fiber—making for a tasteful drink. The combination of vegetables and fruits in these juices provide for an amazing access to a number of healthy vitamins and minerals.
  4. Drinking water. Sometimes when we are dehydrated, our bodies will seek water through food. To avoid these extra calories, stay hydrated by always carrying a water bottle with you. Staying hydrated has other health benefits like keeping skin moist and hair healthy. Drinking water can also prevent painful headaches that are caused by dehydration.


By following these tips, you will quickly shed those winter blues and be on your way to staying happy, healthy, and hydrated this summer.

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