Web Game Programming

A career in graphic design does not just involve a career in advertising, public relations or marketing. For those who have a passion to create something interactive and entertaining for the masses, many flock to Web Game Programming as a specialization under a Graphic Design major.
Online universities as well as traditional on-campus class opportunities offer these specializations along with majors including graphic design, multimedia and communications.
Through web-based game programming, you can learn how to create both web-based games and web pages using tools gained in multimedia design and development. You will learn how to use these tools and various design techniques to create images, animations, sound effects, and action resulting in a final product of your very own.
This specialization can start from a Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree in Multimedia Design or Graphic Design. Using the basic skills gained from your core classes, you will delve deeper into Web Game Programming mastering techniques with the latest and most advanced technology including software tools like ActionScript™.
Courses you should expect include Web page scripting, game development, database integration and multimedia programming. Students will learn how to master scripting language to create basic programming and animation. Courses will move into more complex subjects, such as multiplayer online games. The ultimate goal is to give you the tools to create your own end product to share with the world and make a successful business in the process.
DeVry University: http://www.devry.edu/degree-programs/college-media-arts-technology/web-game-programming-about.html

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