Weekend Activities

Some college students make a conscious choice not to drink, which may seem to limit your choices in how to spend your weekend. Here are some fun alternatives to drinking, or are options that offer alcohol, but not the bacchanalia one would find at a typical college party.
1. Have a craft-making party in your dorm or apartment. Get some friends together, split the cost of supplies, pick a project, and start creating! Some cities also offer pottery or painting parties where you’re guided in making a unique piece of art.
2. Play board games. Remember those from elementary school? They’re so much more fun as an adult!
3. Go see a movie. Some cities even have restaurant and movie theatre combinations
4. Head out to bowling, laser tag, rock wall climbing, or some other physical activity.
5. Enjoy the local arts and culture scene. Check out a local play or musical, or live music. Though live music venues tend to serve alcohol, depending on the type of music it is, the crowd will be a lot more tame than a typical college party.
6. Have a “spa night”. Each person brings in one item, such as hair masques or facial soap, and everyone enjoys pampering themselves! Some good ideas are mixing brown sugar and facial soap for a lip exfoliant, followed by lip balm, or brand a gentle cleanser to exfoliate feet and hands. Apply a moisturizer and put on socks to keep your skin soft.
7. Have a themed party of your own, where there is little or no alcohol. Don’t feel comfortable in the frat houses surrounded by kegs? Organize a murder mystery party, where everyone plays a role, or an “Around the World” party where people bring dishes from the different countries of their heritage.
8. Have a foreign film night. To save money from going out to the movies, have a potluck dinner-and-a-movie night focused on watching foreign films.

You can have fun without the hang over the next day, and hopefully with these activities you’ll develop a stronger bond with your friends and roommates.

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