How is the college life

Hello my name is Julianne Reich and I am 22 years old and soon to be a college graduate. I am currently in a program known as the 3+1 between SUNY Buffalo State College and the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). This program allowed me to study for 3 years earning my Bachelors of Science at Buffalo State majoring in Fashion Textile & Technology with a concentration in Apparel Design. Then getting accepted during my 3rd (junior) year to go to FIT, where I would then go for my last (senior) year. At FIT I am earning an Associates of Science Degree in Fashion Merchandising Management. This program allowed me to study at two fantastic schools and earn two degrees in two majors in 4 years rather than 6 years. It is has been a lot of work however, completely worth it. I think my school story is rather unique and I enjoy sharing it with others especially prospective students.

Aside from school fun facts to know about me are as follows:
- New Jersey born and raised (Bergen County)
- For the past 5 years I have worked for the specialty retailer Nordstrom
- I interned for the company Adrianna Papell under the Aidan Mattox branch
- I interned for NYDJ (Not Your Daughters Jeans) as a showroom assistant
- I worked the Hanky Panky annual sample sale in October
- I volunteered during New York Fall Fashion Week 2015
- Since my sophomore year in high school, every 2 ½ years I donate 12 inches of my hair to the charity Locks of Love
- I am tall for a women at 5’9 ¾ and I won’t let you forget it
- My personality is huge and I am very outgoing
- I love to laugh and I am not afraid to have people laugh at me

Depending on the area you live in fashion is not something that is always relevant. Many times schools do not talk about studying fashion in college, because they are more focused on other well-known majors. Even if your high school had a fashion club or a couple fashion related classes, majoring in Fashion in college is completely different. I didn’t know how to sew or much about famous designers or what went into producing a fashion show before starting college.

I visited many different colleges with my mom before choosing which one I wanted to go to, I remember it like it was just yesterday. Standing in SUNY Buffalo State College’s bookstore and looking at all the Buff State sweatshirts. I chose Buffalo State College right then and there because they had many different things I was looking for. Their fashion program was great, they offered a 3 +1 program, the department put on a fashion show, it was a campus lifestyle, they offered lots of clubs, and it was located in a perfect area of the city off of Elmwood Avenue.

I will be honest, most people look down on students studying fashion; they do not know the work that goes into this major and the amount of people the fashion industry employees. This major is just as hard as other ones, except if your passionate about it then it will only be exciting to learn about.

You’re a future fashion major if you: (not all may apply)
- Wake up in the morning and change outfits more than once
- Have a passion for getting dressed
- Think of shopping as more then spending money on new things
- Enjoy the art of beautiful clothing
- Think that fashion week is awesome/amazing/thrilling
- Would probably forget your name if you met Anna Wintour
- Your favorite movie is “Devil Wears Prada” (although you just realized it now)
- Aspire to one day get paid to shop (being a buyer)
- Aspire to one day be a celebrity stylist like Rachel Zoe
- Dream of famous people wearing your clothing on the red carpet
- Have a mom that talks about being your secretary

You may laugh at these bullet points and that is okay because I did too, but most of them are true. It’s better to laugh because you know they are true then to laugh because you know you are in the wrong major because this list described you better.

I used to match my outfits to the T; I had a “passion for fashion” but never thought that I could major in it in college. I simply didn’t think I was “good enough” I thought I could never make garments as beautiful as some people and I didn’t know how to draw. Well, if there is one piece of advice I would say to all the readers is to never ever stop believing in yourself. The second you stop believing is the second everyone else stops believing. Never give anyone that option. Maybe your parents or your guidance counselor don’t agree with you wanting to major in fashion in college, I must say it is worth fighting for. If I went back in time today I would choose fashion 100 times over.


how is the college life

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