What a Sorority Will Teach You

Joining a sorority is not for everyone. You need to evaluate a lot of things before you decide to join. Some of those criteria should be having the time to commit to one and also if you have the extra funds to be part of one.

Can’t Be Friends with Everyone

Once you join the perfect sorority for you, you will be joining a group of women that ranges from 70-90 members.
Even though these are your “sisters” and even though these women were excited enough about you to ask to join them, you cannot like every one of them. However you might be living together or at the very least spending a lot of time together. You will have to learn that even though you can’t be friends with everyone, you have to be on some sort of polite, mature level with everyone. In sororities, trying to play the mean girl theme won’t get you anywhere in such a small community.

You Represent Something

When you join a sorority, you might be shocked to realize that you are responsible to uphold the reputation of the institution. Your new sisters are going to give you training on what their expectations are of your behavior outside of the sorority house. They will give you a laundry list of GPA expectations, wearing your Greek letters expectations, party behavior expectations, and even the correct punishment for not upholding those expectations. No, this isn’t prison, this is the start of real life. When you are a part of something, you have a responsibility to uphold a reputation outside of your own. Do you think when you graduate and start at a new company that it won’t have similar expectations of you?

Sticking Together

Sororities put on big events. It might be a formal, it will definitely be rush. All members are expected to participate. On top of school obligations, you will have to, at some point, put in very long hours for the sorority. Long hours usually go hand-in-hand with short tempers. There will be a time when you might think, To hell with this. However these are the very times that bring you close to your sorority sisters. These are the times that bond you in a way an outsider can’t understand. These will be part of some precious memories and it will teach you the value of sticking together when things get tough.


Every sorority has a charity that it supports. You will be expected to participate in events to raise money for that chosen charity. You will learn the value of philanthropy and how it gives so much to you.

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