What Am I Doing With My Life?

She sat in the corner of the library studying for the GRE. Two years out of college, she nostalgically looked back at the stressful and arduous times she had in school.

“Man, “ she thought, “I didn’t really know then what I want to do with my life, and I still don’t even know. Am I really sure I want to get a master’s degree?”

Take the same thought but change it to a man who has been in college for only two years, or a woman who has been out of school for twelve.

There are lots of people with college degrees who do not know what they want to do with their lives. And that’s OK.

If you’re still in school then you have options. You can take a 101 class in another major, or perhaps an “exploring majors”-type of course where you can sample different academic disciplines. You can join different types of on-campus groups to gain experience in other areas.

Try all of these things.

The right path for you is the one you wake up in the morning and get excited to do, and are grateful to have found. It may not be what your parents want of you. It may not be directly related to your major. The best answer to the question “what am I doing with my life?” is the one that don’t have to argue against or convince yourself is the right choice.

Take some time to really sit down and think. Visualize how you want to live your life. What kind of career and relationships do you want to have? Do you want to travel a lot for business and/or leisure? Do you want to just “get a job” where you show up, work your hours, and go home leaving the day and drama behind at the office, or do you want to be in a leadership position that would require work outside of your normal business hours? Do you want to go to continue to get a bachelor’s, if you’re getting an Associate’s degree, or even a master’s? What would be an enthralling topic for you to spend several hours a week studying?

Take time to really meditate on these questions and you will have a better chance of finding answers. And when you get to a point in the future where you change your mind, use these questions to guide you again. Some people don’t go back to school for several years because what was once a passion several years ago has now grown dull. But they go back to school to find something new and to start over after figuring out what they want.

So what are you doing with your life? Amazing things, after some introspection and motivation to make them happen.

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