Qualities of an architect

It takes more than just being passionate about infrastructures and building to be a great architect. While passion is a necessary quality and tool to have, it’s important to have other qualities as well. For example, successful architects need to be flexible. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan and you will have to change things up. If you can’t think on your feet and be able to troubleshoot, you will be likely to face many issues down your career.
Keep reading to find out the top qualities it takes to be a great architect.
• Excellent communication skills. In order to get your idea across, you will need to have great written and verbal communication. This ensures that each person on your team will clearly know their duties to successfully complete the project. Plus, being able to clearly communicate gives you more chances of eliminating any confusion.
• Intuitive design sense. Sometimes some people are just more innately creative than others. It is an ideal trait to have if you want to be an architect. You sense of design allows you to translate your ideas and images onto paper where you can display and show your clients what you have in mind for the space.
• Strong drawing skills. Whether it’s by computer, by hand, or both, it’s important that you know how to draw. Being able to sketch out what you want to do gives the client a clear idea of your vision. You never want to draw something that looks nothing like the final product. It increases your chances of unhappy clients.
• Active listening skills. In order to know what the client wants, you need to actively listen. You take whatever they tell you they want and you apply it to your project. Also being an active listener is great when it comes to effectively understanding the needs of your team if they run into a problem or an issue while building the structure.
• Problem solving skills. It’s very rare that things will go according to plan, in many cases they do not. In order to alleviate more stress, you must be able to problem solve quickly and efficiently. You will need to identify what the problem or issues are and nip it in the bud before things get worse. Your ability to quickly find a solution will determine how quickly things will smooth over.
• You must be able to compromise. Sometimes the client will not like the vision you have. You must be able to compromise and work with them until they are satisfied with the final result. It can be a bit tedious at times, but with some patience and an open-mind things can swiftly come together.
• People skills. Even if you are the greatest architect, it won’t get you anywhere if you have a sour attitude. You will be interacting with people on a daily basis. It’s ideal you have strong interpersonal skills to help you along your career. While being a people person doesn’t have to be on the top of your list, it doesn’t hurt either.
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