What skills do you need to be a cartoonist

Cartoonists are people who make a living and a career by creating drawings for a variety of places including newspapers, magazines, television and film. Some cartoonists can specialize in certain areas such as storyboards, painting, developing characters, or the cleanup of the final images. Regardless of what specialization or field you wish to work in as a cartoonist, you will need to have certain qualities and traits to help you have a successful career as a cartoonist. Keep reading to see what some qualities of a successful cartoonist are.
• Interpersonal skills. It’s important that you know who your audiences are as a cartoonist. You will not be successful if you are drawing images or pictures that the public finds unamusing, offensive, or boring. That’s why it’s crucial to know what interests readers and how to use that to motivate and help you create your material. Interpersonal skills are also highly important since you will be interacting with other people and at times may be bouncing ideas off of each other. Your demeanor and your interpersonal skills can determine whether or not a publisher will hire you, so this is something to keep in mind.
• Steadfast dedication. Dedication to continue your practice is crucial to helping keep the mind and hand active. Without practice, you can begin to lose your skill or the sharpness that is necessary to create excellent cartoons. Dedication is especially important if you are a freelance cartoonist. Sometimes there will be dry spells, but that doesn’t mean you stop cartooning or lose hope. You may even use your experiences to help fuel your imagination and inspire creativity.
• A continuing passion to keep learning. Staying stagnate and refusing to evolve with the times is one of the quickest ways to shut yourself out of a career. Instead, take the time to learn new techniques and to evolve as an artist. Just because you have a particular style doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn about others. You may never know, you learning a new technique or artistic form can help you improve your style. It’s always better to stay open-minded and see what the world has to offer. Learning doesn’t just mean keeping up with your craft, it also means staying on top of trends, current events, and the world in general. The more knowledge you have the better your arsenal for your work.
• You need to organized and manage your time well. Sometimes there are tight deadlines and your creative juices aren’t flowing. You must find a way to work around that and push through your slump, otherwise you will find yourself in a world full of stress. Being on top of your paperwork and your schedule can prove to be extremely beneficial to help you stay focused, motivated, and not pressed for time. While some artists work better in messy environments, others do not and find the clutter to be distracting and overwhelming. It’s something you need to determine for yourself and what helps propel you towards the finish line.
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