Network engineer scope of work

Network engineers or network administrators are tasked with the responsibilities of making sure a company’s computer system is up to date and running with little to no errors. There will be certain duties you will be required to address, some duties may be more tedious than others but they need to be done regardless. Here are some work activities you will have as a network engineer.
• You will install or configure new software and hardware. When a new program or update software comes in, you and your co-workers will be responsible for installing and troubleshooting the software to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. You may also be responsible for teaching employees of the company how to use the programs as well.
• Train new workers on the new systems installed. While it’s not always, as stated above you may be required to teach co-workers how to operate the new systems installed. Sometimes there will be a small class you will need to teach other times you may have to teach each employee individually. This is to keep everyone up to date on the latest software being used by the company.
• You may need to set up user accounts and give them access to the main network. Some employees will need help in setting up their user account. It will be your job to walk them through the process and have them set up their username and password in order to grant them access to the company’s main network.
• You will need to fix any errors found in the network. There will be times where something is causing the network to error. You must find what the problem is and create a solution for it. Sometimes it can be a quick fix, other times it can be tedious process where you will have to work with others to solve the problem.
• You will need to upkeep a maintenance schedule. In order to prevent backups or slow operating systems, you will need to upkeep maintenance. You and your co-workers will be responsible for this task. You will most likely have to perform maintenance operations weekly. It will also be necessary for you use preventative programs as well. Things such as virus scans are extremely important to keep the network stable and safe to use.
• You will be providing support to company employees. Sometimes the company’s employees will have an issue or trouble understanding a certain system or process. It will be up to you to properly explain how to operate the system. It will be a valuable asset to have patience on your side since there will probably be many times where you will have explain the process more than once.
• You will need to plan future developments. As with all things, in order to stay relevant, you need to continue to develop. You and your superiors will often work to find future developments that will help improve the network and make it better than it was before.

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