What is an art director’s job description

For those who love graphic design, marketing, or visual concepts, a career in art directing may be an ideal route for them. An art director is someone who is generally responsible for the overall design of a brand or product. With this responsibility come other job duties as well. Keep reading to see what the typical job responsibilities of an art director are.
• Interact with clients to develop the visual style or overall design. Art directors will directly interact with their clients to get a feel for what the client wants. Taking into consideration the things their client likes and dislikes, an art director will then create the overall design or visual style. Once the client is satisfied with the rough sketch, the art director will then take it to their design staff. Art directors must also provide status updates on the project and make sure the clients are in the know throughout the process.
• Create a timeline and budget for the project. In order to not overspend or spend too much on a certain project, the art director will create a certain timeline and budget that will need to be followed. The art director will ensure and monitor that both are both closely followed. This timeline gives team members the focus and motivation they need to get the project done as swiftly and efficiently as possible.
• They oversee and direct others who are responsible for developing the art or layout for the brand or product. Once the overall design is established, a team of designers will come in and produce the necessary images. Designers will create illustrations, graphics, photographs, or sets based upon the vision of the art director. It’s up to the art director to oversee the work and to determine if the designers are on the right path toward creating the certain vision and perspective.
• Review and approve the images the design team has created. Art directors usually supervise the design staff, so it is also up to them to review the images created and provide necessary feedback while the project is ongoing. If the illustrations are not up to par with the art director’s vision, they will explain what needs to be changed
• Select and determine which images will be used. Just because an entire team produces an array of illustrations, it doesn’t mean all of them will be used. The art director will determine which out of the many images suit the brand or concept.
• Coordinate with other creative departments. Your one team may not be enough for the overall design, so an art director will need to coordinate with other creative departments to make sure everyone is on the right page.
• Present the final layout to the client for approval. Once everything is finished, the art director will be the one to present the final product to their client. If the client approves and no extra finishing touches need to be made, the project is then released and the company is paid for their time and labor.
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