Production assistant qualifications

A production assistant is a person who will have many responsibilities and long hours. While you may be working towards becoming a producer or director, you will still need to earn the experience and build your resume. There are some benefits of being a production assistant but there are also some downsides as well. Keep reading if you wish to know what you will encounter if you decide to become a production assistant.
• You can have time off between jobs. As a production assistant, your stint will last as long as the production runs. This means if you are an assistant on a long running television show, you will have time off while the show has its break. It’s a great time to catch up on your personal life and have some “me” time that you missed out on while you were working.
• It can be unpredictable. Life as a production assistant will never be boring. While you may have a timeline, it doesn’t mean everything will go as planned. For those who love spontaneity and can think quickly on their feet will do great in this profession.
• You will earn a variety of job skills. As a production assistant you can learn many beneficial job skills. The job skills can include editing, budgeting, and how to properly document events. These skillsets can help you as you move up in your career.
• You can get a position as a production assistant with very little experience. While it’s very beneficial for you to gain as much experience as possible, it’s not necessary. About roughly 40 percent of people who gain a production assisting job have had one year or less of work experience.
• The pay is typically low. While you may enjoy what you do, ultimately the pay as a production assistant is low. Most made between $25,000 and $30,000 yearly. If you have a family to support, this may not be ideal for you. Typically those who are production assistants are fresh out of college and are looking for experience to advance their career.
• The hours are long. While you can have time off between jobs, during the production run, the hours can be extremely long. Sometimes production can run well into the night and other times you will have to work weekends and nights. Along with the long hours, the work schedules can change drastically. This is the part where sometimes unpredictability can sometimes be a bad thing. There may be times where you think you have time off and if the director or producer needs you, you must cancel your plans and head to work. It’s not ideal but there are times when it will have to be done.
• It can be a stressful environment. Because of deadlines and pressures to get this done in a somewhat timely manner, the atmosphere can be very tense and stressful at times. You may deal with rude behavior and be called out if you do not complete a task as quickly as someone thinks you should.

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