Becoming a talent agent

As a talent manager you will be representing another person. You will be in their stead when it comes to negotiating contracts and schedules. In order to be a talent manager, there will be certain personality traits and qualities you must have in order to be successful. This is a very stressful profession that only a few can be successful in. Keep reading if you want to know what skills a talent manager should possess.
• People skills. You must enjoy working with people in order to be successful as a talent manager. There will be many people you will need to interact with, not just your clients. You must be able to handle the stress that comes with dealing with many personalities. Also knowing how to handle people is another valuable asset to have.
• Being tactful. There will be many abrasive people in the industry that you will have to interact with on a day to day basis. Knowing tact and how to handle them will help you immensely. Also knowing how and when to say something is valuable as well. You don’t want to insult anyone you represent, despite how difficult they may be. You need to know how to handle your clients so they feel well-represented and feel that you value them as a client.
• Be persuasive. At times your clients will be stubborn and very demanding, you must be able to sway them in the right direction that will not only help you, but boost their career as well. You must make it seem that whatever they are compromising will be in their best interest. If you are likeable and know how to work people in a positive way, you can and will be very persuasive.
• Quick decision making skills. There will be situations where you will need to think quickly to find a solution. Clients do not like being represented by people who cannot make decisions or are indecisive. If there comes a time or situation where your client is not there to make the final decision, you must be able to choose what would work best for them.
• Organizational skills. You will probably represent more than one client so it’s in your best interest to be extremely organized with your paper work. If you need it, hire an assistant who can work to file all your information for you or even enter it in a computer database. You always want to put your best foot forward and in order to do that; you will need to know who you are representing.
• Time management. Keeping a tight schedule and making sure you stay on top of all your appointments can make you a very successful talent manager. While you want to dedicate all your time to making your clients successful, you must be able to create professional boundaries so you can be successful as well. In the time that you have with your client, make sure that you can do all you can as efficiently as possible.

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