Steps to becoming a professional musician

Musicians are professionals who play instruments for an audience or event. They can specialize in a certain instrument, write music, or conduct compositions. Musicians can be experts in a certain genre such as jazz or classic but they also need to flexible in terms of what they will perform. Those who strictly want to perform in a certain genre will find that they will have a hard time finding different jobs. Being versatile and flexible is extremely important. Musicians will also need to develop thick skin since this is a highly competitive field and there will be many times where harsh but constructive criticism will be given.
What educational requirements do I need to be a musician?
You do not need to have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in music unless you wish to teach it further down your career. Generally a high school diploma or education equivalent will suffice if you wish to just perform. That being said, it can be highly beneficial to take some classes after high school and major in music in college. You will be taught the fundamentals of music history, how to read and write music, and other various but useful knowledge that can expand and help your music career. Some schools even help you with your performance by holding concerts or certain events where musicians are needed. So while a college education is not required, it should be considered.
What are the working conditions for a musician?
Musicians can perform in various spaces. Usually though, they will perform onstage in theaters, halls, or clubs. There will also be times where musicians will perform for private events such as birthdays or weddings. There is no standard work environment for a musician as their venues can change constantly depending on varying factors such as weather, season, and what job they are currently working.
When it comes to the actual working conditions of a musician, there is no standard formula or schedule. Musicians can and will often work irregular hours and will also spend a large amount of time practicing for their performances or future auditions. They will also need to have the physical stamina to withstand long performances. It’s important to be in somewhat good physical shape and to be active so you are exhausted performing.
It is also important to state that while in between jobs, musicians may find the income to be a little tight so many will work a second job to support themselves. Some will teach music to supplement their income or others with find a job that has a flexible enough schedule to accommodate their music career. So you must be prepared to work many hours to make a steady amount of income. There will be times when the amount of work and long hours can be very stressful and you must be prepared to handle the stress. In the future as your reputation grows, you may find you can make a comfortable living with the income you earn from your musical career.

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