Personal assistant duties and responsibilities list

Personal assistants are professionals who will work mainly for one person. They are usually given a high level of responsibility and will have many duties they need to fulfill. Generally personal assistants work in an office setting and are giving administrative duties as well. Here are some of duties that a personal assistant may have.
• Answering and screening telephone calls. One of the main responsibilities a personal assistant will have is to screen and answer the phone. Your manager will usually be very busy with certain tasks and will want to be interrupted as little as possible. It’s important that you only transfer extremely important calls through to your manager.
• Make appointment and organize your manager’s calendar. It will be your duty to make sure your manager’s schedule is set and organized. You will need to be sure he is not overbooked and is also aware of all his existing appointments. There will also be times where you will have to organize and arrange meetings for him as well.
• Writing emails and corresponding with your manager’s colleagues. Sometimes your manager may be too busy to take the time to write responses. You will have to write quick, professional, and efficient responses to any email he receives. You must also make him aware of your replies so he is not caught unaware.
• Clerical work. Besides answering the phone, you will also be responsible of filing, managing records, and any other office procedures that may be required. Sometimes you will also need to process paperwork as well.
• Maintaining interpersonal relationships for your manager. Most of the time your manager’s colleagues will be interacting with you. It is up to you be professional and keep these relationships strong for your manager’s sake. Your personal opinion does not matter so remember to always keep it professional.
• Organizing events. Sometimes your manager will hold events and it will be your responsibility to plan and execute it successfully. You will need to make phone calls to the proper vendors and plan everything for the day of the event. During the event you will in essence be an event coordinator and make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. There will be times where you may enjoy the event but there will also be times where you will have to stay behind the scene to delegate and supervise everything that is going on.
• Standing in for your manager while he’s away. There may be times where your manager may be on vacation or away for business, it will be your responsibility to stand in his place until he returns. This means you delegate and make decisions on his behalf until his return.
• Supervising other staff members. While you work directly under your manager, you might be responsible for supervising any other staff in the company. Besides being a personal assistant, you may also be an office manager as well.
• Note taking. During meetings, it may be your job to take any notes for your manager. There also may be times when your manager may not be able to make it the meeting and you will have to take his place and fill him in when he returns.

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