What Are You Looking For?

Amy Mahon is a writer from South Florida who is now working on a graduate certificate in screenwriting from the University of California Los Angeles. She has worked in higher education, particularly in admissions, and even published a guidebook about her alma mater, Elon University. Additionally, she writes poetry, plays, and is working on a novel.


A friend and I had a heart-to-heart recently.  Creative mind, wise soul. He told me to find what my priority is in life, put it at the top of the list, and make everything about it.

I want a sidekick. Life is boring if you don’t make it worth living, and I want someone worth sharing it with. I want to be accepted. I want to spend every day doing what I love and support someone doing what he loves. I want to wake up every day thankful that I get to pursue what I want. I want someone to go on this journey with me. I want to be given tough love, guidance, and to help him when he needs it.

So I took my friend’s advice and wrote down what I want in my life, what my priorities are, and gave a lot of thought to how a man can fit into those goals.

I realized that maybe what I was going for wasn’t exactly what I wanted. My friend then explained that he realized during his divorce that that was his mistake.

My dating advice to anyone looking for love is to sit down and ask yourself what you really want in life and put it at the top of your list. Because if you are not you then who will your future partner fall for? A fake version of you!

It also answers the question “What are you looking for?” It seems simple at first, but, really, what are you looking for? A sidekick? Someone to inspire you? Someone who is crazy and wild, or submissive? And why? Why do you want a person like that?

So take some time to do just that. What kind of experiences do you want to have with this person? Are they in alignment with what you want in your life? How can you share your goals, interests, and passions with someone else?

Be true to yourself and true to your wants and desires and the true love will be able to find you a lot more easily.

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