What can you do with a paralegal degree


Center for Advanced Legal Studies:  The Paralegal People; Endless Opportunities for Paralegal Employment, Posted by Katie Fridsma (http://www.paralegal.edu/)

An education in paralegal studies does not mean you are restricted to working behind the desk of a law firm anymore.  A paralegal degree or certificate can open up a variety of doors or options for those looking for more in their career.

Of course, a paralegal degree is a direct path into working in a law firm environment, assisting attorneys on cases and with clients.  If someone is looking for a more traditional path, a paralegal certificate or degree is the perfect way to achieve that goal.  For those with more of a technology background, becoming a litigation paralegal in a law firm setting is an excellent fit, as these professionals assist attorneys in handling their cases, designing databases to store and sort large volumes of data produced during the litigation process, and develop and assist with technology to be used in the courtroom.  These skills can come in handy specifically when coming into a firm with attorneys who have little to no technology background.

For paralegal students with an interest in transactional law and contract review, many firms will hire contracts administrators to review and implement their contracts.  A great deal goes into reviewing these documents, ensuring that clients are meeting with terms, conditions, rights and obligations of a contract.  Many firms handle business legal matters for many local companies, and these companies regularly require review of new contracts with suppliers or workers.  Attorneys do not always have the time available to complete these tasks and will often delegate them to legal support staff.

Many firms are seeking to employ individuals who are both educated in the legal field but also are skilled writers to assist in publication of firm newsletters, websites or press releases.  In addition, in the new age of social media, many attorneys are seeking assistance in juggling the different mediums in order to implement a successful marketing strategy for the firm.  A paralegal background could be utilized to fill that role, as not all communications or journalism graduates are educated in the specifics of the law.

Many law firms and larger corporations are now utilizing the assistance of legal recruiters to find, recruit and hire attorneys or legal personnel for their office.  In order to promote the firm and weed out the truly qualified candidates, having knowledge of the legal field and terminology used benefits the recruiter a great deal.  Therefore, a paralegal background could be an excellent way to enter that field.

The options are endless.  A paralegal degree or certificate can open a wide array of doors to someone entering the professional arena.  The key is in finding the right match for the candidate with the right skills.

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