What courses are required for accounting major


In order to earn an accounting degree, you will need to take more than just basic accounting courses.  Most Bachelors’ programs for accounting majors require a list of prerequisite courses in order to achieve your degree.  For that reason, it is often good to get an idea ahead of time on what you should expect when pursuing your accounting degree.

Like many college majors, accounting majors will also have to take a required number credits in core classes, including humanities, science, and general studies.  These courses can include English Composition, courses in Speech or Effective Communication, and other humanities courses.

You should expect to take basic mathematics courses, as well, including finite math, college algebra, calculus and probability and statistics.  Having a firm grasp of the principles of math will only help you succeed in your accounting courses.  Of course, a series of accounting courses are required to complete your degree, but without these core mathematics courses, you will not be able to truly understand the methods behind the subject.

Other accounting subjects will include courses in different types of accounting:  financial, tax, and auditing.  For those students who are interested in running their own accounting firm, subjects in basic business management will assist in that endeavor.

In addition to the mathematical courses, most accounting programs require a certain number of credits in basic business studies, including principles of management, leadership, business administration, both micro and macroeconomics, and business ethics.

It is best to walk away with not only your accounting degree but a well-rounded education in subjects that you will utilize whatever accounting position you choose but also in your career in general.

Western Governor’s University:  http://www.wgu.edu/business/accounting_bachelor_degree

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