Becoming an administrative assistant

If you wish to have a career as an office administrator, you will need to possess certain knowledge in order to be successful. In order to receive this knowledge and to have a higher chance of getting hired for an entry level position, you should focus on taking certain courses while you are in school or even after you have been hired for a certain position. These courses will prepare you to become the ideal candidate for an office administrative position. Here are some of the classes you should focus on while you are earning your degree.
• Customer Service. While working in an office environment, you will be working with different types of people and also with customers. It’s imperative to understand and learn customer service skills so you can apply them when you are in the field. There will be instances where you will need to problem-solve and it is imperative that this be done professionally and tactfully. The ability to trouble shoot and quickly resolve issues will impress employers and also make your job a lot easier. By taking a customer service course, you will be taught how to properly answer and address certain situations in an appropriate fashion.
• English. Learning how to communicate orally and in written form is highly important when you are working as an office administrator. Taking English courses to brush up on your writing skills or to learn how to eloquently write is extremely useful in this career. The ability to be able to proofread your work displays professionalism and intelligence. While computer skills are probably the most important skill to learn, it is still crucial you know how to communicate with your co-workers and also customers.
• Basic Computer Skills. Learning how to use a computer is probably the most important requirement in this profession. You will be doing the majority of your job at an office desk on a computer so it’s vital to have the knowledge to use it to its fullest potential. Besides learning how to operate a computer, you should look into taking similar computer courses that focus on certain programs such as Microsoft Office. These courses go in-depth on how to navigate and use each program. Many positions will require you to have adequate knowledge in programs such as Excel, Word, and Outlook.
While it’s not necessary to have a bachelor’s degree to enter a career as an office administrator, it is something to consider. There are plenty of employers who prefer to hire people with higher education and those with a college degree have a higher chance to get hired than those without. If you college is something that you cannot take into consideration at the moment, then you should take the time to consider taking courses in a community college to earn an associate’s degree. Again, taking these extra courses will not only give you the necessary knowledge, it can help prep you for your future work environment.

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