What do Graphic Designers Do


The idea of graphic design sounds exciting and different but not everyone truly understands what graphic designers do on a daily basis.  The truth is, designers handle a variety of tasks and projects, some exciting and glamorous and some your mundane everyday tasks.  However they do so for the love of the art and desire to create something new and express a message through their designs.  It takes not only passion but dedication to each task that you do.

So what do graphic designers do?  They are normally assigned clients for each project they handle, whether individually or part of a team.  This involves meeting with the clients or art director to first determine the scope of the project.  They advise clients on the various strategies they could utilize to reach a particular audience and portray the message they desire to share.

After meeting with clients, graphic designers are responsible for creating the finished product; the finished message the client desires to express, through graphics, logos, colors, images, text and layout.  Creativity and talent are a necessity as well as communication skills when the finished product needs to be presented to the art director or client for approval.

When a client comes back with suggestions or improvements, the designer incorporates those before publishing or producing the finished product.


Graphic designers utilize the latest and most up-to-date technology to create their finished product, so the majority of them spend a great deal of time learning and mastering design technology and software.  In the business world, graphic designers create charts, graphics and presentations to help promote a product or message.

Graphic design is used widely in marketing, journalism and business.  Designers are key players in creating advertisements for products ranging from clothing, food, beverage or more.  Designers work to create logos and brochures to help sell products and also work hand-in-hand with public relations representatives to help express these messages.

The life of a graphic designer can be both exciting and challenging, and the opportunities available are versatile and endless.  If it is the career-field for you, pursue a degree in graphic design through an Associate’s or Bachelor’s program and take that step towards your dream career.

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