What Does an Animator Do

Are you interested in becoming an animator? Do you enjoy sketching or creating images? Are you an expert in computer animation and can see yourself creating visual masterpieces for television or video games? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then perhaps you should pursue a career in animation.
Depending on your expertise or what you want to pursue, there are different animator roles to be filled. Some animators prefer to sketch two-dimensional drawings, using the computer only to clean up the cells while other animators enjoy creating three-dimensional images via computer software. It must be stated however that 3D animation is now becoming increasingly popular as animation evolves.
Animators can work for different fields. Many people will generally think an animator mostly works for cartoons, television, and video games but animation is everywhere. Animators also work in films (especially those where 3D imaging is mandatory), literature, and even specific software programs. If something needs an image, demonstration, or illustration, an animator can create a design for it. So if you aren’t into video games or cartoon animation, it doesn’t mean you can’t be animator for another field. Keep your mind open and you will be able to find a niche that is best suited for you.
To become an animator, a person should pursue their degree in animation. Many occupations require a four year degree in the field. He/she must have certain disciplines and talents as well. Having some sort of artistic talent is highly beneficial. However it’s not the only thing a person should worry about. In order to become an animator, one must be disciplined and open-minded to learning new techniques and programs. Like any craft, it takes a lot of practice and time to hone your animation skills. You can’t expect to excellent at it if you don’t spend any time bettering your skills. It is likely that on certain projects you will work long hours and it can get tiring, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue your passion just because there may be a few long nights.
Animators also must work individually or sometimes as a team member depending on the project. They must also be able to brainstorm and think on their feet. It’s not all about the final product, it’s also about the animator’s process to get to the end result.
Being an animator is another career that allows creative people to project and produce their fantastic ideas. If you are passionate about animation and all that it entails, really consider choosing it as your career. Take the appropriate classes and hone your skills to get your dream career as an animator.
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