What Does Your Style Say About You?

It’s been said the way you dress is a form of expression. Are we expressing the right message? The first impression you make often depends on what you’re wearing. Are we making the right impression?

When I go shopping for clothes I look for fit as much I do pattern, color and style. The right fit can make all the difference, especially if a particular garment is more form-fitting. The goal is to accentuate the positive, and conceal the negative. A dress, top, or pair of jeans may catch my eye for the cut or appealing color, but doesn’t look attractive on my body. Whereas I may spot a piece with a less alluring cut or color, but the fit is right. Well obviously, I’ll go with the latter. This is not a reason to be discouraged! You are you, I am me, with our own unique, one of a kind bodies. None of us are perfect, and we shouldn’t waste our emotional energy striving to look like photo-shopped models in the fashion magazines. Whatever you wear, it looks better when you wear it with a smile and confidence.

Another factor I consider is budget. All too often young women go into debt adding to their wardrobe. College can hurl you into enough debt as it is, so I avoid opening store credit cards, or spending money I don’t have. Also, trends come and go, so spending a lot of money on trendy pieces can be a financial blunder. Instead I try to invest in classic pieces that will last for years in style and condition. Gently used clothing at thrift stores or consignment shops is also a good way to save and get quality pieces.

The most important criteria in choosing what to wear for me personally, is the message the outfit portrays. I feel a mistake women often make, especially on campus or at work, is dressing overly sexual. Low cut revealing tops or short tight skirts that leave little or nothing to the imagination may turn heads for a moment, but it’s those who demonstrate self-respect that land the job, and earn an admirable reputation. Media may deem it appropriate, but styles that highlight sexuality make you appear desperate and self-absorbed. This can send the wrong message, especially in a professional atmosphere. It’s a battle to be modest because apparel sold in stores today is often too revealing. That’s where knowing how to wear something comes in! Camisoles, layering bras, cardigans, tights and skirt extenders are fundamental to my wardrobe. Adding a layering piece to a garment that’s initially too revealing takes a little creativity, but doesn’t good style over all? Being ingenuitive with what you wear over and under your clothes can add variety, and shows intelligence.

We are all individuals, and every day we each put on a sign when we put on our clothes. We decide what our sign says, and can influence the way others perceive us. Let’s dress not only for who we are, but who we want to be, and where we want to go.

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