Entering college spring semester

By Jenelle Morgan

Hello! My name is Jenelle. I am a Jersey Girl escaping the cold weather in Tampa, Florida. I am a senior at the University of Tampa. My major is Digital Arts with a minor in Business Administration. I have been playing tennis on the women’s tennis team all four years. I am also an active member of an honor society and student athlete advisory committee. Besides being a student-athlete, I enjoy going to the beach, working out, and traveling.

There are many things that I wish I knew when I first entered college. I felt that I was well prepared, but I found that I had to figure out a lot of things on my own. Learning the ropes of college isn’t easy. Hopefully, my “what I know I now and what I wish I knew then” will help guide incoming college freshmen through their journey.

As an incoming freshman, I didn’t know much about class registration. I suggest familiarizing yourself with your university’s registering policies. It might save you sitting through early classes and perhaps save your GPA! I also wish I knew about college professor ratings while registering for classes. There are over thousands of ratings online that may impact your grade from becoming a C instead of an A. Also, reading a professor rating might help you avoid those professors who do not respond to emails and never shows up to office hours. But that is almost impossible to avoid, welcome to college!

Class registration does creep up quick, so I advise being prepared on what classes you want to take next. I would recommend registering for prerequisite classes that will be useful for graduation. Sometimes you need a reminder that you’re going to be looking for a job when you graduate. I definitely needed that reminder when I registered for a piano class. Instead of learning how to play “Oh Christmas Tree”, there would have been much more value taking other courses. Don’t get me wrong “Oh Christmas Tree” is a great song, but I’m not sure how that will help me land my future job.

Besides class registration, I wish someone told me to bring comfortable walking shoes to college! There is a lot of walking on campus, whether it’s going to class, grabbing food at the café, or going to tennis practice. You might also want to invest in some nice running shoes too because the “freshman 15” is not a myth.

I had a great college experience, and if I could go back in time I would want to live it all over again. I would take advantage of all the opportunities presented to you, even if it takes a little step outside your comfort zone. Try to say, “yes” to everything because more opportunities are likely to pop up. I gained a lot of friendships my first year by always saying “yes”. College is a learning experience. So it’s ok to make mistakes, but let’s try not to make any on Thirsty Thursday.

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