Day-of Wedding Coordinator

Do you love weddings? Or perhaps you love setting things up to make sure an event runs smoothly. If so, then perhaps you may want to try to have a career as a day-of wedding coordinator. A day-of wedding coordinator is someone who will make sure that everything the couple plans for the wedding comes to fruition. While the couple may not have hired a wedding planner to plan the entire wedding, they do need a professional who can take whatever they planned and spring it into action since it is such an important day.
What does a day-of coordinator do?
Most day-of wedding coordinators will contact the couple either a week or a few days prior to the wedding to confirm all the details of the wedding day. This step is extremely important since the couple may have decided on last minute additions not written on the timeline. After all the details are set and the day of the wedding arrives, this is where the coordinator will shine and get to work.
The coordinator will have to make sure to keep everything flowing as smoothly as possible, with little to no hiccups. This means facilitating everything to be on-time, whether it be getting the bride dressed, setting up the ceremony site, or communicating with the bridal party to make sure all their needs are met. Once the ceremony begins, the coordinator will then have to make sure everything is in place and ready for the ceremony to begin. Once the ceremony is complete, the coordinator will then ensure the reception runs as smoothly as possible.
It’s extremely important that the day-of coordinator can handle any emergencies that arise. Being flexible with the ability to think out of the box can provide quick solutions to possible wedding disasters. They also need to be conscious of the time as to make sure nothing runs over or behind schedule. Couples want to have fun at their wedding and not have to worry about the time or little details such as the drinks or food. That is a coordinator is there for.
Should you be a day-of wedding coordinator?
If you are able to multitask, have excellent customer service skills, and love taking part in the wedding process, then this can be an ideal profession for you. It can be a very rewarding job, especially knowing that you are making a couple’s wedding vision come true.

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