What is a librarian

A librarian is a professional who is responsible for administering and performing any library related services. This can mean cataloging books, managing and collecting books, electronic documents and data, aiding patrons in research, or even some clerical work. The job duties of each librarian can vary depending on where they work and who they work for.
What are the educational requirements for a librarian?
For most librarians, it will be necessary for you to obtain not only your bachelor’s degree, but also your master’s degree as well. As an undergraduate striving for your bachelor’s degree, you will not be required to major in a certain subject but it will be extremely important for you to receive high marks in whatever major your decide in. If you want to major in art, science, law, or even psychology, it is best you make sure you study well to earn exceptional grades. Graduate schools often times will not accept a student with marks lower than a B average or a 3.0 GPA. Once you’ve obtained your bachelor’s degree, you will need to apply for a graduate program that has been accredited by the American Library Association (ALA). The application process may entail recommendation letters, passing a standardized test, and also meetings and interviews.
Once you have entered your master’s program, you will then begin your librarian studies. These courses may include: cataloging, research methods, information science, and library collections. The program can take one to two years to complete. It is not necessary for you to attend an ALA-accredited program but many employers do require an ALA-accredited master’s degree from their potential employees depending on the position the applicant is applying for. Sometimes the employers have no choice in the manner. If you wish to apply for position in school libraries, you will also need to obtain a teaching certificate or a second master’s degree such as a law degree or Ph.D.
Do I need to be certified?
In order to work in certain libraries such as public school libraries you will need to be certified. Usually the certification is a teacher’s certification. A teacher’s certification will vary by state so it’s important to check what your state requires in order for you to achieve your certification. Most states will require you to pass a background check and also have to pass a general teaching certification test. Once you’ve obtained your certification, you will need to renew your certification after a certain amount of time has passed.
Where do I start looking for my potential career?
If you are at a lost where to begin your search in your career as a librarian, you can always look at valuable websites such as LibraryCareers.org or even head over to your local public library and speak with the librarians there. They may provide valuable advice on how to apply to certain places, what employers look for in applicants, and also any skills you should really focus on. It’s always great to find wisdom from actual sources when you don’t know how to begin your journey.
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