What is a Public Relations Specialist

A public relations specialist is a professional who will work to maintain and at times create a positive public image for their client or employers. They are tasked with responsibilities such as writing material for media releases and communicate with the public as the spokesperson for the client or company.
What are the educational requirements to become a public relations specialist? While it not absolutely mandatory to have a college degree, many employers do look for candidates who have a bachelor’s degree and some work related experience. Those with degrees may want to major in certain subjects such as public relations, marketing, journalism, advertising, or communications. The classes will help prepare the individual with certain traits and skills they will need in this career. The work experience may come working internships. While the person won’t paid while working, they will be given valuable experience that will help them prepare for their career.
What traits and skills should a public relations specialist? There are certain skills require for this position and not everyone is suited for a career in public relations. Being able to speak and communicate clearly is mandatory and essential to this career. In order to spin a positive image of your client or employer, you need to be able to communicate this through writing and speaking. Another trait that is beneficial for a public relations specialist is an outgoing personality. Those who are uncomfortable in social situations or awkward with people should not apply for this job or career. Being personable, likeable, and friendly are all things a public relations specialist should have. Having intuition and good judgment skills are important too. Knowing when it’s ideal to say something about your client is extremely critical when it comes to promoting their positive image. Lastly, confidence can really help sell the image of a client. A public relations specialist must be able to convince people and must also believe in the image he is trying to create for his client.
Should you pursue a career as a public relations specialist? Again this career is not for everyone. For people who enjoy dealing with others and being in a social atmosphere, this can be a career choice. The hours are long and often times, a specialist will work overtime on projects for their client. However the pay is decent, with an average yearly median salary of $54,170. Those with a strong passion for communications, public relations, and advertising should consider a public relations specialist career.
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