What is fashion to me?

The dictionaries may all have a different tale to narrate but fashion does not hold the same meaning to everyone in the real world. For some, it is a manner in which they can express their ferocity and fearlessness. And then there are those who like to keep things simple. They accessorize less and yet their reluctance to try to enhance their beauty is what ultimately defines them. As a 21 year old law student, I am not afraid of voicing my opinions and by dressing as I feel I believe I do just that.
For me, fashion is effortless and merely the depiction of my feelings at a certain time. I cannot term myself as someone who adopts a sophisticated approach towards dressing just like I can’t say that I’m a casual dresser. I am not a staunch believer of following a code or a dressing ritual. I believe in dressing as one feels at a certain time. It may be something which many would find inappropriate or not ‘fashionable’ but what fashion is to you is something only you can determine.
Like everyone else, I like to spend quality time with my close friends and I prefer to dress well when I do that. The color black has always managed to capture my attention and I love to strategize varied looks in black. This black net laced dress grasped my attention the very instant I lay my eyes on it and I decided to wear it to brunch with my girls. To add a little extra tinge of appeal to my look for that day, I decided to go for some enormous pearl earrings and braided my hair from the front. Keeping things simpler when it came to my face, I just applied a light pink to add some color to my lips and allowed my eyes to do play with the little black I had to offer it. Anything more would have just killed the look I wanted for myself and I ensured my diligence helps me attain what I have in mind. Although the brunch was not supposed to be a formal meeting but because I had to meet up with a friend after many years, I decided to stay classy. But it undoubtedly does not denote that there are not days when I don’t want to wear anything but some baggy pajamas and a comfortable hoodie while hanging out with friends. Like I said, it is all about the mood.
Since I often get tired of braiding my considerably long hair, I thought of letting them a bit loose. But instead of allowing all the strands to fall freely, I decided to capture the hair at the front in an elegant braid. This is who I am: I think, I plan and I improvise. I do not believe in following what is supposedly ‘in fashion’. Instead, I always pay heed to the roller coaster of emotions that resides inside me and let my clothes and my manners of dressing depict it. I am not afraid of showing who I am and that I believe is my fashion statement.

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