What is my style?

Fashion is an aesthetically enchanting art that communicates visual movements. It sparks interest in imagination thriving collectively to express individuality. Creating requires a vision, a focus, and fortitude. Hi I’m Arneisha Copeland, a student at Howard University perusing a BA in Art History.

It’s essence is spread throughout the world; approximating flowers that bloom in the sunny seasons and replenishes their selves in the dark brisk winters. It’s glow gives the world shadows; helping to maintain the balancing energies in the world. Its silhouette is designed with sensual curves that tell life stories; while it’s delicate hands helps to guide nations. Its love is compassionate and fortified. Her beauty is elusive; she has become a muse to society.

Beauty is created at the stroke of a breath and spark of a light. Women were designed to allure. It is our divine being to create appeal.

The craze of a women’s being is a movement in art. Artist have depicted the nude figure of women has a virtue. Peter de Cupere agrees in a piece entitled “The origin of the World”.

Fashion is composed of innovative ideas being introduced to the world in a scientific theory. The hypothesis is the trend forecasted for the upcoming season. The conclusion is the decision of the buyer; which may or may not equal funds. If the experiment equals success however then the hypothesis becomes a law. Fashions dos and don’ts.

Style is an expression of creative pioneering; its genre has created the foundation for social media and documenting everyday life. Platforms have been created to advertise livelihood and fashionistas: this would indicate that we are the source for the material making us the masters of modern art.

Style is based on confidence, personality and inspiration. You wake up everyday and decide who you want to be. Fashion is an unspoken language that assigns you a character, in the gene pool of corporate American employment.
One must inspire themselves everyday, through the aspiration of their dreams.

Allow this to be the first layer of clothing that you put on. The rest of the day will run with purpose; dress for success.
Confidence is something that is natural and should be unapologetic. It’s embedded in a woman’s love, touch and essence. This feeling should naturally transfer to a style. You are the owner of your brand,represent it with poise.

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