What is street style fashion

Name: Alasia Davenport

Profession: Fashion Stylist/Merchandise Coordinator

Merchandise Coordinator: Winston Retail Solutions.
Fashion Shows: Funkshion Fashion Week, Hugo Boss for Neiman Marcus, Perry Ellis Cubervera, Macy’s Fashion Night Out,
Clients: Next Model Management(Miami), Runway Models(Miami), Peter Bailey

Background: Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Ive always had a love for style and fashion. I took a leap of faith and transferred from Clark Atlanta University as a Psychology major, to follow my dreams of becoming a Fashion Stylist. I enrolled and graduated from Miami International University of Art and Design, and began my career as Fashion Stylist in the Industry. I am still emerging so the best has yet to come from me, however, I’ve gained experience that I have never dreamed of having in such a short time. Embarking on such a risky career is scary, however knowing that I wake up to doing something I love everyday is the greatest satisfaction of all!

Is it the style of the street? Different popular streets featured on a t-shirt? Or just street?
You guessed it! It’s a runway show requiring no stage production, zero sample size models, and the absence of the “diva” designer who has brilliantly sculpted and styled each garment head to toe. Street Style is the new phenomenon that all the latest and greatest Fashionistas crave! It’s an outward expression of “Hey! You there! Look at me! Don’t I look great?” Carried not only through the styling of the outfit but also through the attitude of the Fashionista! Now lets not move to fast, this is not a women’s only territory. Men have just as much fun crafting their ‘look of the day’ and strutting through a metropolitan region in the most GQ-ish manner possible. From the dapper to the grundgy looks of the street, these Fashionisters are able to keep up with the ladies; sometimes even giving them a run for their money!
Who are these people? How are they able to be photographed you ask?
They are sometimes staples in the fashion industry, sometimes a young man making his way to his job on wall street, and sometimes stylish mom’s that have the luxury of shopping full-time. But what is it that makes them so fabulous, and so distinctly different that photographers just have to capture them? It is simple: Style and Grace.
These people take pride in their “look” and they make it a habit of putting their best foot first everyday, and in many cases a very expensive foot. They walk the streets of their city with their heads held high knowing all eyes are on them, however, never showing the least bit of interest in an audience. They posses a certain appeal that everyone should strive for.
In my opinion, I feel that the street style art derives from paparazzi capturing celebrities in their stylish ensemble, appearing to be unbothered by all the flashing lights around them. The Fashionista and Fashionisters walking through the streets accomplishing their daily goals possess the same style and grace. Therefor, with the creation of street style fashion, stylebrities were born! Famous fashion photographers such as Tommy Ton have made a staple in the fashion industry with brilliant photographs of the most stylist individuals in the fashion capitals of the world. These photos are then posted on the most popular fashion blogs for all the individuals hungry for fashion and style inspiration to indulge in. This trend has now spread over to social media, allowing Fashionistas/isters who may not live in a fashion capital to display their own style in the same way. The Street Style fashion has become an outlet used by many to grow their very own brand and/or businesses. It has become the next big thing of our generation and I urge any and all that wishes to become apart of the industry to partake in the new phenomenon. It’s a fun and exciting way to not only get noticed by those who matter, but also to show your personal style and how brilliant you are! As well as providing you the opportunity to gain a strong social media following and Internet presence, which is extremely important in this day and age.
In light of the New Year all you Fashionistas/isters make it you business to partake in the wonder world of Street Style! When you put your best foot forward, you never know where it could take you.

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