What is style?

I am a 20 year old college Junior perusing a degree in Fashion Merchandising with a minor with Business Marketing. Currently living in the East coast, my hope is to be successful in the fashion industry and live wherever the wind takes me! I am very involved around my campus community and currently work off campus as well. I look up those who not only inspire me but show me new things and push me to learn and work. I love watching anything related to fashion and read books all about those who are influential in the fashion industry. I love anything that involves creativity and styling.

What makes a person fashionable or even a style icon? Why do so many people idolize designers? Every famous and inspirational designer all had one thing in common, they dressed for themselves. Chanel changed the way women looked at clothes and changed the femininity of the world. Alexander McQueen was avant-garde; he gave a name and a style to those who saw themselves as being different and eccentric. Diane Von Furstenberg, well she wore and stylized the most popular dress to date, the wrap dress. The list goes on and on and each one of them has a different story, they came into fashion at different times in their lives and found who they were as a style icon and also as a designer. Each and every single designer or “fashionista”, big or small, has a certain style. It is a certain way they dress, showing others that they do not care about what others think, having an attitude knowing that what they wore expressed how they felt, ultimately changing the way we today style ourselves. My mother always told me growing up to dress the part, because I never knew who I was going to run into or even meet. Which has been engrained and the motto I live by even ‘til this day.
My personal journey started out when I was young. My mother was always into fashion and I have memories of going shopping with her and being at the mall for HOURS because she needed the newest pair of shoes or the newest jeans. So it is safe to say, that fashion was a big part of my life growing up. Like most little girls I wore my mother’s clothes and shoes pretending to be a big executive or famous singer. It wasn’t until my sophomore year in high school, after the awkward stage, that I really stared to find out who I was as a person, and what my style was. I went from following the trends and styles in my first year or so in high school, to really finding a style that fit me, my body, and my personality by my senior year.
Unlike many, my style does not directly reflect my mood or feeling day to day because I live in black on black clothing. Personally, there is nothing better than a pair of black skinny jeans with a black cardigan or jacket, a black shirt with maybe a print or an interesting cutout, with rings tall boots and a dark lip. I practically live in outfits like those, but I do have color! I believe in classic statement pieces. Having a blazer, skinny jeans, a few dresses that can be worn to different occasions, and blouses and classic tees that can make an outfit look effortless. The rest of the pieces in the closet should beautiful, fun, and speak who you are. Shoes also are very important, in my closest I have sneakers, flats, tall boots and short boots and of course heels. To me, a person can never spend too much money on a good pair of shoes and a good pair of jeans, because those are the items that last the longest in a closet and sometimes investing a little more money than usual is worth it. I personally love New York and Company jeans and I LOVE all brands and styles of shoes, the higher the heel the better! Being 5’10 does not hold me back at all.
I love to put on a pair of jeans, shoes, and classic tee or a blouse and throw on a funky blazer and call it a day! I can go from wearing joggers and sneakers or timberlands to wearing a dress and 6 inch heels and then another day go and wear a blazer jeans and a shirt the next. I believe that I do not have a certain style or taste, I like a little bit of everything and that’s okay! Some girls think that they need to stay loyal to a certain brand, look, or style but as long as you find the right style for you, then why not experiment and have with different pieces from different stores. Following trends is great and sometimes I’ll see what’s in and what is on the runway or the fashion bloggers are wearing but I always put my own twist on it.
I love to shop at stores such as Zara, Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, TJ Maxx, Marshal’s, Forever 21, H&M, and small little boutiques in the city or even around home and vintage stores from time to time. To me, its not about the name on the label, even though that’s always a plus, it’s how it looks the style and the feeling I get when I see it and hold it. I always get a little rush when I see something that I really like. I also really look up to those people in my life. My friend Fernando has amazing style and I love the way he dresses, it’s his style, his way to dress and its always chic, and of course I also look up to Chanel, other fashion bloggers and make up bloggers and those who just love fashion. My style is always evolving and I love that!
“Fashion fades, style is eternal,” words that Yves Saint Laurent spoke many blue moons ago. Words that I feel that every Fashionista, male or female, should live by in their everyday lives. Fashion is what is on trend, the latest jeans, the new colors, the new makeup trend like the cat eye but style is what defines a person, what make a person noticeable and memorable. I would rather be remembered for always looking my best and having my own way to dress than to just be the girl that only buys what’s on trend, because sometimes that gets boring since its everywhere! It doesn’t matter if a person likes to wear costumes all day every day, or a fox tail and fox ears (which I have seen at my school) it’s that persons style, it’s how they feel comfortable and it makes them memorable! So at the end of the day my style may not be what is “on trend” I may not have the most expensive clothing but I know who I am, I know my style and I became a Fashionista by being myself and not trying to be others.


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