Web designer skills and qualities

In order to be successful as a web designer you must be diverse in order to stay in demand. There are constantly new technologies being developed and in order to stay marketable you must learn these skills. In order to get a job as a web designer you will need to be well versed in the technical skills listed below.
• HTML. HTML is probably one of the most important languages a web designer can learn. Even if you plan to use other editors such as WYS/WYG (What You See is What You Get) in your career, having the knowledge in HTML will give you the basic understanding of the web. Also knowing HTML will allow you to understand other websites who use it to edit and code rather than WYS/WYG.
• CSS. Knowing CSS allows you to create cutting edge designs. While it’s not as important as HTML, it’s still highly useful since it can determine how the overall page will look.
• Design Sense. When people think of design sense, they think of what color scheme will look best with their décor. Web design is somewhat similar to that but then it’s not. You as a designer should know basic design principles and use the aesthetics to communicate whatever it is you want on your website.
• Develop your own design sense. During the first years of your web design career, you may feel that you cannot develop your own creative flavor because you are working under a creative designer. Don’t stress, instead find ways to incorporate your style into what you do. Communicate and talk with your creative director to see if perhaps you can compromise and see if you can come up with a solution that will satisfy both parties. Not only should you focus on developing your own design sense, you should make sure that it also does what it’s supposed to do, which is communicate a message.
• Don’t fear new technology. You may have a great handle on HTML, CSS, and your JavaScript skills but that doesn’t mean you stop learning or shun new technologies that come out. Every new skill should be seen as something you can learn. The best way to learn a new skill is to use it while working on a project on a daily basis. The constant use of it every day will help you become well versed in it and also allow you to get the hang of it quicker. So the next time there is a new skill to be learned, don’t run away from it, instead embrace it and add it to your repertoire of skills you already have. Soon you will have an arsenal of tools that will make you marketable and relevant.
• Self-motivation to grow. As stated above, unless you embrace new technology, you will in essence die in this career. Instead, know your strengths and build off of them. Also realize what your weaknesses are and make it a point to strengthen them. Make it so that you have done all in your power to be the web designer you wish to be. Again this doesn’t mean that you stop growing, always keep learning and always find ways to stay relevant.
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