What Matters in a Career

One day, you will land your first “real” job. You will know it when it happens because everyone will say, “OMG, you have your first real job! Congratulations!”

Your first real job could be anything. You could work a register, be a manager, write, work the sales floor, research, market, be a makeup artist or hairdresser, fish, cook, or any other of the infinite number of jobs available to you. Each of those jobs will have specific attributes that will either work with your personality, or not. Start thinking about these things now, and you’ll save yourself a world of pain.

1) Flexibility. Is this a priority? If so, consider not getting a typical 9-5.

2) Telework. Ask about their policy. A lot of people think that if you ask about flexibility and telework up front, it’s the kiss of death. I personally think that if recruiters keep that mentality, they’re standing to lose a lot of the best talent out there. I would be up front and ask–it’s a valid question.

3) Opportunities for travel. Make sure you’re specific about this. You won’t be a happy person if you can brag that you travel 75% of the time…. So make sure you’ll actually WANT to travel to wherever they have you traveling to.

4) Sunshine. Do you feel down when you don’t get enough? You need to either make sure your job has you walking outside on a regular basis, or that they’re ok with you taking 5 minute sunshine breaks every 2 hours.

5) Required Level of Socialness. Do you like talking to people, or not? This one is trickier than it appears. You need to both know who you are, and who you’re becoming. Many people are inherently one thing, but grow into another. So you could be a total book worm, but secretly really like talking to certain types of people as well. Don’t pigeonhole yourself. Don’t let anyone else pigeonhole you either.

There are many more things to take into consideration when thinking about starting a new job or career, but the ones I have listed are definitely ones you won’t want to overlook. Happy career searching!

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